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Configuring Access Points and Controllers

Configuring Clients / Supplicant

Using Rest API interface


First Steps

Before starting to use IronWifi console please make sure to have the following:

- An Access Point supporting WPA-Enterprise authentication or external Captive Web Portal (see our compatibility list here)

- You have to be registered with IronWifi (please select your subscription plan and create your account on this page)

Let's start.

1. Log in to the console

Log in to the IronWifi console at using your credentials:


2. Create a new network

Once logged in, you will need to create a new network by opening the Networks section from the quick access toolbar on the left and then clicking on the New Network button

To create a new network, you have to go to the “Networks” section


…and then click at Networks tab and on the New Network button, in the command toolbar.


Enter all required the information and click on the Create network button.

Please to keep in mind that creating a new network requires a set of information such as:

-Name: the unique name for the Network

-Region: geolocation data for Network


When you have entered all the information, please click on Create network button.


At the end of the process, the Network will be listed in the global list.