IronWiFi Solutions for Schools

Keep your campus secure while giving your faculty and students the access they need.

The Solution: 

  • Guest Wi-Fi for students 
  • WPA-Enterprise for faculty 
  • SCEP or SAML server for credentials.

How It Works: Educational institutions Wi-Fi authentication requirements call for a combination of two of our most popular products. 

For students, who need general access to the internet, IronWiFi recommends employing our Guest Wi-Fi product. This product will allow students to connect via a captive portal to the internet, with no maximum on how many users can connect. This captive portal can be connected to an existing database of active students and the captive portal can then authenticate valid students to access the internet, while denying access to unauthorized users. 

For Faculty, IronWiFi recommends employing our WPA-Enterprise product. It features 802.1 x authentication on an encrypted network, and helps to keep your institution's most sensitive data safe. It can be used with either local account authorization, a database within our console of usernames and passwords, or combined with a SCEP or SAML server to offer authentication using existing faculty credentials. 

SAML: An optional addition, SAML servers allow users to connect using existing credentials such as Google, Azure, Apple, Okta. This is a great option if your users are connecting with their own personal devices. This can be used on both the student network, and the faculty network.

SCEP: If your organization issues devices such as laptops or cellphones to your faculty, then SCEP is a great solution for you. It allows you to “push” security certificates to your organization's managed devices, which then grant those devices access to the secure network without the need to login. These credentials can be revoked remotely at any time by your I.T. Staff if you need to restrict access to the network.

Additional Benefits

Reliable Connectivity for Learning

IronWiFi ensures that students and educators have access to a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Enable a seamless learning experience by allowing students to access online resources, collaborate on projects, and engage in remote learning activities without interruption.

Secure Learning Environment

IronWiFi's advanced security features provide a safe and secure online environment for all users. Protect students' personal information and sensitive data while allowing them to explore the digital realm for research, assignments, and educational content.

Data-Driven Insights for Educational Enhancement

Leverage IronWiFi's analytics capabilities to gain valuable insights into network usage patterns. Understand peak usage times, frequently accessed resources, and student device preferences. This data empowers educators to optimize their teaching strategies and tailor content to meet students' needs.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity enables students and educators to collaborate effectively. Support online group projects, interactive discussions, and real-time feedback, fostering a collaborative educational environment both in-person and remotely.

Elevate Your School with IronWiFi

Embrace the power of technology to transform your school into a center of educational excellence. IronWiFi's tailored solutions provide reliable connectivity, data-driven insights, and a secure learning environment, enabling educators and students to thrive in a connected world. Contact us today to explore how IronWiFi can revolutionize your school's digital infrastructure and enhance the learning journey for all stakeholders.


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