IronWiFi Solutions for Coworking

The IronWiFi coworking platform provides enhanced security, and efficient integration with your coworking management software to save you time and money while enhancing your members experience.

In the dynamic environment of coworking spaces, providing reliable and secure internet connectivity is essential for both members and operators. IronWiFi offers a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with various coworking management software to enhance the user experience while ensuring robust security measures.

How IronWiFi Enhances Coworking Spaces

1. Secure Internet Access via Captive Portal

IronWiFi's integration begins by fortifying the coworking space's internet access with a robust layer of security. Members are required to authenticate themselves through a captive portal before gaining access to the network. This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing the network and ensures that only legitimate users can utilize the facilities.

2. Verification of Member Validity

The IronWiFi console integrates with the coworking management software to verify each member. This integration ensures that only authorized individuals can use the network resources. By cross-referencing membership data, IronWiFi ensures that only current and authorized members can connect.

3. Automated Member Check-In and Check-Out

IronWiFi's integration includes an automated member check-in process, which accurately tracks members' entry into the coworking space. This is achieved by syncing with the coworking management software, allowing operators to monitor who is physically present in the building. This real-time tracking offers a greater level of control and helps manage occupancy effectively.

Furthermore, when a member logs off or leaves the premises, the integration automatically checks them out. This process updates the member's status in the coworking management software, streamlining administrative tasks and optimizing resource allocation.

Hotspot 2.0 Support for Enhanced Connectivity

IronWiFi's coworking integration extends its capabilities by offering Hotspot 2.0 support. Hotspot 2.0 allows members to download a passpoint profile that facilitates automatic and secure connection to a WPA2 encrypted network. This eliminates the need for manual authentication, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

However, it's important to note that while IronWiFi supports Hotspot 2.0, not all Access Point Hardware Vendors or Client Devices may support this feature. As a result, some members may not be able to take advantage of the automatic connection feature.

WPA Enterprise Level Security: Advantages Over Pre-Shared Keys

The IronWiFi coworking solution places a strong emphasis on security by implementing WPA Enterprise level security. This security protocol offers several benefits for coworking space members:

    • Individualized Credentials: WPA Enterprise assigns unique credentials to each user, eliminating the risk associated with shared pre-shared keys. This ensures that each member's connection is secure and private.

    • Enhanced Encryption: WPA Enterprise employs advanced encryption mechanisms, making it significantly harder for unauthorized parties to intercept or compromise data transmitted over the network.

    • Centralized Authentication: Authentication is managed centrally through the coworking management software, allowing operators to grant and revoke access quickly. 

In contrast, standard pre-shared keys are less secure as they are often shared among multiple users and are susceptible to unauthorized sharing or accidental exposure.


IronWiFi's comprehensive integration with coworking management software offers a holistic solution that combines security and efficiency. By securing internet access, verifying member validity, and automating the check-in and check-out processes, IronWiFi enhances the coworking experience for both members and operators. The support for Hotspot 2.0 and the implementation of WPA Enterprise level security further elevate the quality of connectivity and protection within coworking spaces.


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