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How Can You Manage Certificates?

When it comes to protecting your network, it's no wonder organizations are moving away from credentials in droves. Many organizations are switching...

Passpoint-what is it?

Commercial Hotspot 2.0 replaces Passpoint r1's first release (Hotspot 2.0). Even so, there have been a few new Passpoint generations since then, and...

Wifi in restaurants

Restaurant brands can use IronWifi's product with any existing WiFi hardware they already own.

Can passwords be trusted?

For decades, credentials-based authentication has been the preferred method of authentication for most network users. As a matter of policy,...

Comparison of SAML and LDAP

The SAML and LDAP access protocols are widely used, but they are used in different ways and have different areas of effectiveness.

Using Active Directory in the Cloud

Cloud-based network solutions are helping organizations make the much-needed transition. Azure Active Directory was created by Microsoft to allow...