How do Coworking places use IronWiFi ?

Introducing the Coworkings and IronWiFi integration

The coworking space industry has been growing rapidly, providing professionals and entrepreneurs with flexible workspaces and opportunities for networking and collaboration. As the demand for such spaces increases, so does the need for secure, reliable, and user-friendly WiFi solutions. IronWiFi works closely with all major coworking platforms (Nexudus, Officernd, ) on the market to bring a seamless Wi-Fi experience to as many coworking spaces as possible. Our customers, coworking space owners, love the flexibility of being able to switch both hardware and software while sticking with IronWiFi for network authentication.

Unified credentials

The Coworking Platform will synchronize the users’ information in a secure way with IronWiFi RADIUS so your members will be able to log in with the same credentials they have for their mobile app & member portal.

Day passes

After members login into the RADIUS-based Wi-Fi Network using any of their devices, the coworking platform will automatically deduct from their available day passes.

Roaming between sites

Members visiting more than one coworking space’s site will experience seamless Wi-Fi connection across all sites thanks to a radius-based IronWiFi network. Coworking space owners can track members' usernames, device information, and much more, regardless of the site they visit.

Guest Credentials

Guests, as potential customers, receive internet access in exchange for contact information for further elaboration. This way, coworking spaces turn potential customers that are only visiting into paying customers in no time.

Coworking space events

At a publicly accessible event in your coworking space, each guest receives credentials valid only at the time of the event.

IronWiFi and Coworkings Integration


The integration of IronWiFi into coworking spaces is a game-changer for both operators and users. With enhanced security, simplified network management, improved user experience, and scalable infrastructure, IronWiFi is the ideal solution for coworking spaces looking to optimize their WiFi network. By leveraging IronWiFi's capabilities, coworking spaces can not only ensure seamless connectivity but also create a more productive and enjoyable environment for their users.

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