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Introducing the Optix and IronWiFi integration


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Flexible workspace operators know how difficult it can be to manage Wi-Fi access.

Having open Wi-Fi is convenient for members, but is almost impossible to control. It also presents a security risk to you and your members.

Requiring a Wi-Fi password however can be very inconvenient. 

Introducing the Optix and IronWiFi integration, the newest tech integration to help coworking operators secure their Wi-Fi and automate their user check-in process.

What is Optix?

Optix is a coworking management software that helps coworking managers and flexible space operators manage, measure, and optimize their workspace.

They create white-labeled apps that simplify the day-to-day operations of coworking spaces and flexible offices.

Optix helps flexible workspace operators:

  • Automate operations, from daily check-ins to resource bookings
  • Improve oversight with data and analytics
  • Provide coworking members with a centralized mobile app to help them interact with the space
  • Grow business revenues by optimizing space utilization, diversifying revenue streams, and more

Optix helps operators automate their workplace so they can focus on what they need to grow their coworking business.

How can this integration benefit coworking operators?

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Managing members in the space and enforcing check-ins can be a laborious task for coworking operators.

The Optix and IronWiFi integration can:

  • Help enforce members are checking in to the workspace and paying for the days that they are on-site
  • Cut down on admin time having to monitor users for check-in
  • Automate the check-in process for coworking members (vs them having to manually click a button in-app)
  • Improve your Wi-Fi security 

Optix and IronWiFi work together to make managing Wi-Fi and checking users into your space a breeze.

What are the features of the Optix and IronWiFi integration?

With Optix and IronWiFi working together, users can:

  • Manage Wi-Fi access in their workspace
  • Measure who is present in the space at any given time
  • Automate the Optix check-in process for members

Coworking operators will be able to grant access to Wi-Fi only after a member enters their Optix username and password.

They will then be able to automatically check a member in via Optix once they join the Wi-Fi.

This ensures that members are checking-in and paying before accessing the services of the space.

Learn more about how to implement workplace management software in your space.




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