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Guest Wi-Fi

$13 / AP / month

billed monthly

Captive Portals for guest access control and visitor data collection


Available Add-ons

White-label domain for $50 per month
SAML authentication for $250 per month
DNS content filtering for $200 per month

  • Minimum 5 APs for $65 per month
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Unlimited Captive Portals
  • Unlimited Support
  • All Integrations
  • Onboarding and integration assistance

Employee Wi-Fi

$6.5 / user / month

billed monthly

802.1x secure authentication with SSO/MFA or certificates


Available Add-ons

White-label domain for $50 per month
SCEP server for $200 per month
DNS content filtering for $200 per month

  • Minimum 10 users for $65 per month
  • Unlimited Access Points
  • Unlimited Certificates
  • SAML authentication
  • All Integrations
  • Onboarding and integration assistence


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custom terms

Features and licensing limitations specific to your needs.


Available Add-ons

Custom terms
Site to Site VPN

  • From 100 APs or 200 employees
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Unlimited Locations
  • All Features and Integrations
  • Unlimited Support
  • Onboarding and integration assistance

Coworking Spaces

IronWiFI is proud to offer a Wi-Fi security solution for coworking spaces that makes sense. 

Our coworking package offers both guest wi-fi and WPA2 Enterprise Wi-FI, integrations with your favorite crm and coworking management software, for unlimited users, all at a set price that can scale with your business.

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Starting at $65 per month


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Access Points (AP)?

Access Points are any devices broadcasting a wireless signal. Access Points include wireless routers, any lightweight and stand-alone access points, including wireless signal repeaters.

What are Users?

Users are any person with access to your Network identified by unique Username. Users typically include your internal staff, any external visitors, such as contractors or guests, and vouchers. In some cases, we will recognize individual devices as users (MAC address authentication, etc.).

What third-party platforms do you support?

IronWiFi works with OAuth and SAML applications, Google Apps, Active Directory, SMS service providers Twilio and Clickatell, Stripe credit card processor and more.

How safe is my information with IronWiFi?

IronWiFi has invested significantly in the privacy and security of your data. Visit our Security and Compliance page for more information.

How will my subscription be billed?

IronWiFi is a monthly or annual subscription in US Dollars (USD). Your credit card will be billed automatically and based on your billing date.

How do I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel?

You may access your account details under the Account top-level navigation item while in the Console. Here you will have access to the billing and plans sections. Please note that this access is limited to users with Billing permissions.

Is there an on-premises version of IronWiFi?

IronWiFi is available strictly as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. We do not currently offer, nor do we plan to provide an on-premises version.

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