Reseller Program


We offer the reseller program as an ideal opportunity for professionals, consultants, and companies looking to expand their business overnight, without the hassle of developing their platform, interviewing, hiring, training, and managing staff.

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Discounts for resellers

We offer up to 40% discounts based on volume, and you can charge your clients any price you want.

Your billing is handled directly between you and your clients. Depending on your business model, you can charge a setup fee, recurring fees, and/or management fees.


Opportunity for Affiliates

1. Become an affiliate of our program and receive a unique link.

Open a reseller account and start earning money.


2. Use your blog, social media, webinars, tutorials, etc. to promote

Where and how you can use and publish this referral link?

  • Facebook
    You can use the Business Ads manager to create your own campaigns, stories, ads.
    How to proceed? Find out more
  • Instagram
    Connect Business Ads manager with your Instagram account
  • Linkedln
    Create account >>> LinkedIn
  • Email marketing
    Send your email campaigns by Sengrid                       
  • Blogs, webinars, tutorials

3. Refer a customer and earn a commission every time they pay

  1. Refer our services to your customers/friends(using a referral link, when you sign into your account..)

  2. They sign up and test our services

  3. They become our customers 

  4. We receive payment to our bank account

  5. We regularly send your reward up to 30% (based on volume) of this payment by Paypal to you >>>