What are vouchers and how to use them?

Vouchers are combinations of digits/letters in customizable formats and lengths that can be used to gain access to the internet if you configure your captive portal to use the authentication provider Voucher. You can generate any number of vouchers and download them in a CSV format if required.

  • Code - Code itself that can be used to gain access to the internet in conjunction with Voucher authentication provider
  • Note - Message relating to the specific voucher that isn't visible to the end-user
  • Status - Whether or not the voucher is allowed to authenticate users, if disabled, voucher is unusable.
  • Organizational Unit - the voucher is a member of this unit. Every voucher can be a member of one unit. The voucher will automatically inherit group membership and all group attributes
  • Login Time - The period when the user is allowed to authenticate. Valid examples: Wk2305-0855, Sa, Su2305-1655. Any or Al means all days. All Times are in UTC timezone
  • Creation Date - When the voucher account was created
  • Creation By - Username of the administrator that created this voucher
  • Deletion Date - Datetime when this voucher will automatically be deleted
  • Last seen - Last authentication attempt using this voucher


Time / bandwidth limits defined for this voucher using attributes.


Groups that this voucher is a member of.


RADIUS Attributes assigned to this voucher. For more information about attributes visit this webpage.


Recorded devices that used this voucher to authenticate.