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Azure 2-Factor Authentication

Configuration of 2-Factor Authentication with Azure AD login

The purpose of this page is to explain how to set up two factor authentication within your Active Directory. By doing this, your users will be able to authenticate with more secure methods such as SMS codes or OAuth in addition to username/password.  

This configuration guide assumes that you have already followed these instructions to configure your Azure Active Directory users to authenticate through IronWiFi

  1. Go to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications > /your application/ > Conditional Access


2. Click “New policy” and choose all users


3. Then, choose the desired cloud application, in our case ironwifi


4. After that, click “Grant” and choose Require multi-factor authentication, then click select to confirm


5. Make sure you have the enabled the policy, see the screenshot below. Then just click Create

Congratulations! You have successfully set up 2-factor authentication in Azure, assuming you have followed the previous instructions, this will now work with your IronWiFi authentication