Team Members

Team Members are IronWiFi accounts that belong to a parent account. They have their own permissions, which you assign as you invite the team members. Team members are provided in order to help you segment your account and API activity.

Create a Team Member

When your account is created with IronWiFi, you do not have any team members. To create a team member, click the “Add member” button at the top of the section. When you’re done entering information, click the blue “Add Member” button at the bottom of the New Team Member window.

You can have 15 team members. If you need more, please contact IronWiFi support .

Email address - The email address your team member will use to sign in to Console. This must be an active email account as IronWiFi may contact a team member to provide support, resolve issues, or to enforce IronWiFi’s Terms of Service. Whenever we contact a team member, it is our policy to contact the parent account email address at the same time.

Role - The role defining permissions your team member will have assigned.

Manage Team Members

You can change the team member's Role or cancel the team member association. This can be done by selecting a new Role in the same row as the Team Member you want to update. You can remove the Team Member from parent account by clicking on the trash icon in the same row and choosing "Delete."


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