This page explains Captive Portal configuration for MikroTik Router OS and authentication with IronWifi.

to the MikroTik configuration interface.


Step 1

Navigate to IP -> Hotspot -> Walled Garden IP List and add IP address of IronWifi web servers -


Step 2


Navigate to Hotspot -> Users and add local testing user called user1.

Step 3

Step 4


Navigate to Hotspot -> Servers and click Hotspot Setup

Step 5


Step 6

Now you should be redirected to default Hotspot Authentication page. Sign in as "user1" and return to Mikrotik configuration interface

Step 7

Navigate to Hotspot -> Server Profiles and click newly created profile called hsprof1

In the Login by section, un-check HTTP CHAP and Cookie and check HTTP PAP

Step 8

Go to IronWifi Console -> Networks and create new Network. This will generate a set of RADIUS servers.

In MikroTik configuration menu, navigate to Radius and Add New RADIUS server.

Step 9

In the Service section, enable hotspot. Enter information about IronWifi RADIUS servers - IP address, ports, shared secret.

Step 10

Return to IronWifi Console -> Networks -> Captive Portals and create new Captive Portal. Make sure vendor is Mikrotik. Add Authentication Provider and download mikrotik_login.html file. Rename mikrotik_login.html to login.html. Upload this file to your MikroTik router via FTP.

Step 11