This page explains basic configuration for Peplink Access Points and external Captive Portal with RADIUS authentication.

IronWifi Console configuration

  1. Log in to the IronWifi Console
  2. From the menu, go to Network, click on New Network to create a new network. Click on network name and copy assigned RADIUS authentication and accounting server IP addresses, port numbers and shared secrets
  3. Go to Captive Portals -> New Captive Portal
  4. Fill in Name, select Network, select Peplink as Vendor
  5. Copy the Splash Page URL from Captive Portal settings page, eg.****-****/
  6. Add at least one Authentication Provider

Peplink configuration

Sign in to the InControl control panel, find the Access Point -> Settings -> Remote Web Admin

In the Access Point settings page, click on Network -> Captive Portal

Enter the values copied from IronWifi console -

  • Auth Server, Port, Auth Server Secret
  • Accounting Server, Port, Accounting Server Secret
  • Splash page - change to External and past the splash page URL