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Which are the best HOTEL guest Wi-Fi solutions? 

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Design your splash page

From lovely splash pages to key updates and advertising, manage every aspect of your visitor's WiFi experience to educate visitors and drive revenue. You can connect your site to social media to allow visitors to access their accounts quickly.


Hotel WiFi
WiFi Marketing

Profit from your business

Establish automated email campaigns that promote your brand, offer a discount on your next room rate to past guests, and offer key facilities for free to loyal guests; enabling you to drive direct reservations and reduce the dependence on online travel agencies.

Wi-Fi security


Monetize your Guest WiFi

Include information about upcoming events, facility opening hours, and safety messages in an email you send to new visitors. Thank your return visitors for their loyalty and offer a 10% discount if they book again in the future.
Monetize your Guest WiFi
Case study⇒

Recognized throughout Canada as one of the most trusted names in hotels, restaurants, sports and construction. Northland Properties Corporation is the force behind such brands as Sandman Hotel Group, the Sutton Place Hotels, King blue Hotel Toronto, Moxies, Chop Steakhouse&Bar, Denny's restaurants and The Dallas Stars.


Northland Needed a Wi-Fi Platform that had  individualized splash pages for 17 brands, collected market data on users and complied with all privacy laws in five countries across 300 locations.


IronWiFi began with a consultation and then provided an introduction to the platform, and help with the initial customization and design of the workflow. We then assisted in the setup of the exporting of marketing data in the form of weekly reports. Our team remined available for any troubleshooting needs during initial setup. Time from consultation to execution across all locations was one month.