Portal Pages

Portal pages are displayed to the users in different authorization phases. Pages can be customized to match the Company design by clicking the Edit button in each row. You can also refer to files uploaded via the File Manager.

If you need to restore the default version of any page, click the Edit button, click Source to display page source code, delete all content and save.

Portal pages include:

Splash page - the default Welcome page that is displayed to the user before authentication. You can customize this page as desired, but you have to keep these scripts and DIVs for the page to work properly.


<div id="error_placeholder"></div>  - will be replaced with any error message generated during authorization.

<div id="status_placeholder"></div> - will be replaced with any status messages.


Sections for Authentication Providers, each div will be replaced with the source code from Authentication Provider's Container Source Code. Unused divs will be replaced with empty string.

<div id="anonymousreg_placeholder"></div>

<div id="onetimeaccess_placeholder"></div>

<div id="voucher_placeholder"></div>

<div id="guestselfregister_placeholder"></div>

<div id="selfregister_placeholder"></div>

<div id="localaccount_placeholder"></div>

<div id="google_placeholder"></div>

<div id="facebook_placeholder"></div>

<div id="twitter_placeholder"></div>

<div id="instagram_placeholder"></div>

<div id="linkedin_placeholder"></div>

<div id="fbwifi_placeholder"></div>

<div id="saml_placeholder"></div>

<div id="smsreg_placeholder"></div>

<div id="employeeauth_placeholder"></div>

<div id="hotspot_placeholder"></div>


JavaScript code required for the Captive Portal to work:

<script src="/assets/js/jquery.js" />

<script src="/assets/js/cp-scripts.js" />


Success page - the Success page that will be displayed to the user if authentication was successful and On Success Redirect to is set to "Success page". You can include the following variables on this page:

  • ${auth_user}  - display generated username
  • ${auth_password}   - display generated password
  • ${device_mac} - display client mac address
  • ${redir_url} - display target URL
  • ${totalData} - total allowed data
  • ${usedData} - already used data
  • ${availableData} - available data
  • ${remainingTime} - session expiration time in human readable form
  • ${remainingSeconds} - session expiration time in seconds
  • ${fullName}
  • ${firstName}
  • ${lastName}
  • ${phone}
  • ${email}

Returning User page - the page will be displayed to the user after he authenticates using Cookie-based authentication method. To display this page, Cookie-based authentication needs to be enabled.

Terms & Conditions - the page describing acceptable usage and Terms & Conditions that the user has to accept before allowing access.

Pending page - page is displayed to the visitor while he is waiting for Access Authorization by Sponsor. You can include the following variables on this page:

  • ${request_id}
  • ${fullName}
  • ${firstName}
  • ${lastName}
  • ${phone}
  • ${email}
  • ${approve_link}
  • ${reject_link}