IronWifi supports Attributes from over 100 vendors.

Two types of attributes are available – Check and Reply

Common Check Attributes

Check attributes are used to compare received value with stored value. If the values match, Reply Attributes will be added to the Response.


Called-Station-SSID – check SSID network value

Data limits

DATA-Total-Bytes := 1000000 (value in bytes)

DATA-Reset-Type := daily|weekly|monthly|never – how often to reset the counter

Time limits

Max-All-Session – maximum allowed total online time

Max-Daily-Session  – maximum allowed daily online time

Max-Weekly-Session – maximum allowed weekly online time

Max-Quarterly-Session  – maximum allowed quarterly online time

Max-Yearly-Session –  – maximum allowed yearly online time

Expire-After – expire after first usage

Login-Time – authentication window

Client Devices

Max-Devices – total number of client MAC addresses allowed to authenticate with username

Simultaneous-Use – maximum number of simultaneous sessions per username

Common Reply Attributes

Acct-Interim-Interval – how often to send accounting updates to the RADIUS server

Session-Timeout – period of time after which to disconnect user

Tunnel-Private-Group-Id – VLAN defining attribute

Egress-VLANID – VLAN defining attribute