IronWifi supports thousands of attributes from over 100 vendors.

Two types of attributes are available - Check and Reply and these can be assigned to individual users or groups of users.

Common Check Attributes

Check attributes are used to compare received value with stored value. If the values match, Reply Attributes will be added to the Response that goes back to the AP/controller.


Called-Station-SSID - check SSID network value

Data limits

DATA-Total-Bytes := 1000000 (value in bytes)

DATA-Reset-Type := daily|weekly|monthly|never - how often to reset the counter

Time limits - all values should be in seconds

Max-All-Session - the maximum allowed total online time

Max-Daily-Session - maximum allowed daily online time

Max-Weekly-Session - the maximum allowed weekly online time

Max-Quarterly-Session  - the maximum allowed quarterly online time

Max-Yearly-Session - the maximum allowed yearly online time

Expire-After - expire after the first usage

Login-Time - authentication window

Client Devices

Max-Devices - total number of client MAC addresses allowed to authenticate with the username

Simultaneous-Use - the maximum number of simultaneous sessions per username

Common Reply Attributes

Acct-Interim-Interval - how often to send accounting updates to the RADIUS server

Session-Timeout - a period of time after which to disconnect the user

Tunnel-Private-Group-Id - VLAN defining attribute

Egress-VLANID - VLAN defining attribute