SonicWall with External Captive Portal

This page explains configuration of SonicWall devices to work with IronWifi Captive Portal.


  1. SonicWall Access Point is setup and running the latest firmware.
  2. 802.1x SSID is already configured.
  3. DHCP and DNS are appropriately configured.
  4. IronWifi initial setup is complete. This includes Network and Captive Portal settings.
  5. SonicWall Access Point can communicate with IronWifi servers.
  6. The Guest SSID VLAN can communicate with IronWifi servers.
  7. All systems are appropriately licensed.


  1. Sign in to SonicWall Administration Interface.
  2. Click Network.
  3. Click Zones and click WLAN edit button
  4. Leave the “General” options default and click Guest Services
  5. Check Enable Guest Services and check Enable External Guest Authentication
  6. Select HTTP client Redirect Protocol
  7. Under “Web Server”, select HTTPS protocol and create new object for Splash page. Enter 443 as Port Number
  8. Select Auth Pages tab and enter “/api/pages/xxxxxx/” to all input fields. “xxxxxx” is your Splash page identifier, from Console.
  9. Click OK to save Changes

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