RADIUS Service

Service Setup

Registration and First Login

To use the IronWifi authentication service, you will need to register for an account. You can open a new account at http://console.ironwifi.com/register, where your are required to enter some basic information. Alternatively, you can also use your Google account to access the service by clicking on the Google’s Sign in button. The authentication page will sign you in automatically after providing required information.

Registration page

      Access with Google account

After you successfully sign in for the first time, a Configuration Wizard will popup offering you simple instructions  to configure the service basics.

Wizard step 1

Register your Wireless Router

First step is registration of your wireless router. Please enter a name for your wireless router and name of your Wireless Network (SSID). You can pick any name you like.

Step 2

After submitting requested information, your router will be registered and unique access values will be generated. These values are required to communicate with the IronWifi authentication interface and include:

  • Radius server IP addres
  • Radius server Port
  • Radius server Secret

To use the IronWifi authentication service, you have to configure your wireless router to use remote Radius server, which will be done by changing parameters in your router’s wireless security settings.

Define Users and Devices

Only predefined users and devices will be allowed to connect to your protected wireless network. To create new users and devices, enter desired names in the form.

Wizard step 3

Server will generate some strong passwords for your users automatically.

Wizard step 4

You will have to provide these credentials to your users so they can use them when requested by their client devices.