Reseller Plans

The membership plans below are ideal for professionals/consultants and companies that wish to expand their business overnight, without the huge overhead costs and time required to develop their own platform, setup, interview, hire, train, fire and manage their own staff. These plans allow you to immediately tap into our resources and offer our services as your own in a private customer management system that is branded to your business, where you can still add your own customers, managers, technical support and sales reps. You land the customers, you get paid.

Key Features

Management Console

You will have access to the same management console that took us 3 years and $200,000 to develop. It  handles all of our customers, staff, invoices and more.

Private Branding

On top of having your own customer management portal to handle everything, we also allow you to brand it to your own company name. You can even have the portal and splash pages load from your very own URL.

Pay By The Customer

You can add as many customers as you want. You can add 100 new customers every single month and you wouldn’t be charged an extra penny. You only pay when the customer pays you. Simple.

Sales Management

Through our lead generation services, you can use our sales team to bring in new customers, but you can also hire and manage your own sales team with our automatic commission system. Brilliant!

All Things WiFi

No matter what kind of project you have, if it has anything to do with the WiFi, we’ve got you covered. That includes splash-pages development, website design/graphics, API integrations, etc.

Quote Consultation

When you become one of our resellers and don’t know what to offer to your clients, we will provide free consultation on quoting the project and suggest what services are most suitable for your clients.

Select a Reseller Plan Below


$349 FREE

Monthly Subscription

25% Purchase Discount

Customer Management Console

* valid credit card is required to purchase subscription for a new customer



Monthly Subscription

50% Purchase Discount

Includes Basic Benefits

Live Support For Customers

Free Quote Consultation



Monthly Subscription

60% Purchase Discount

Includes Partner Benefits

Lead Generation Service

Private Branding


You own a business

You just want to focus on bringing more customers. Let us do the heavy lifting for you by handling everything else.