Follow these steps to configure TTLS + PAP authentication protocol on your Mac OS X:

  1. Open Network Preferences
  2. Select AirPort in left menu and click the Advanced… button
  3. Select 802.1X configuration tab in top menu
  4. In left bottom corner click + button and Add User Profile
  5. Set profile name, your user name and password . Select TTLS in the Authentication protocols list. Click on TTLS protocol and then click Configure….
  6. Select PAP as the TTLS inner authentication protocol. Leave the optional Outer Identity field blank. After that click OK.
  7. With IronWifi you do not need to configure Trust so you can skip it. In Wireless Network combo box select wireless network you want to connect. In Security Type field set WPA2 Enterprise value. Configuration is finished. Click OK.
  8. Now you can see created profile in profiles list. Click Connect button.
  9. If you configured the IronWifi Console and your Wireless network device in a right way, you will be authenticated successfully with TTLS/PAP authentication protocol.