This page explains the configuration of Keenetic Access Points to work with IronWifi Captive Portal.

IronWifi Console configuration

  1. Log in to the IronWifi Console
  2. From the menu, go to Networks -> New Network and define a new Network.
  3. Go to Captive Portals -> New Captive Portal, fill in Name, select Network and select Keenetic as Vendor.
  4. Click on Authentication Providers and add at least one Authentication Provider (start with Anonymous)
  5. Scroll down to the Controller Configuration and copy the Shared Secret and NAS ID.

Keenetic Access Point configuration

  1. Log in to the Keenetic AP Web-Browser interface and go to Guest Network -> Captive Portal settings

2. Update the settings - add RADIUS NAS ID, RADIUS Secret and UAM Secret (same as the RADIUS Secret). If you are using a different region than the europe-west3, update the Splash Page hostname and RADIUS server IP address accordingly.