ICC Networking

This page explains configuration of ICC Access Points to work with IronWifi Captive Portal.

IronWifi Console configuration

  1. Log in to the IronWifi Console
  2. From the menu, go to Network -> Captive Portals -> New Captive Portal
  3. Fill in Name, select Network, select ICC as Vendor and add at least one Authentication Provider

ICC Access Point configuration

  1. Log in to the ICC AP Web-Browser interface and go to Services -> Captive Portal


  1. Go to Network -> Wi-Fi and click the Edit button


  1. In the Interface Configuration section, click on the Captive Portal and fill in required information:

IP address of the interface and Netmask: for example and

Server Address:

Splash Page: Splash page URL from IronWifi Console

Splash Page Secret Required: checked

Splash Page Secret: RADIUS secret from IronWifi Console


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