Testing Stripe Payment Gateway (Client side) for Paid Hotspot Access

  1. Create a new Captive Portal if it does not already exist.

    • Networks -> Captive Portals -> New Captive Portal

  2. Enter Captive Portal Page

    • Create a new Authentication Provider

  • Set following values:

    Method: Paid Access
    Transaction Processor: Stripe (client side)
    Public Key: pk_test_fdBnaoUKyc1Lh8w0szx39Taw
    Secret Key: sk_test_jo8JrRySa9QFIHdUULVOYtoF

  1. Create a Paid Access Plan if not already exists:
    • Click Add a plan

    • Create plans for both Expiration Time and Traffic Data Unit Type

    • Scroll up to and click Splash page URL link:

    • You should see the plans on the splash page, choose a plan and click “Pay”
  2. You should be redirected to the Stripe checkout page.
    • Use the following card details for testing:
      Email: Any valid email you have access to

      Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
      Expiry: 4/29
      CVC: 424

      Name: Any test name
      Country: Test with multiple
      Zip: Any valid zip code

    • Click “Pay”

  3. You should see successful login page:

  4. Go to Users

    • Find the user you just created and open the profile
Scroll down to the attributes and ensure proper attributes are added. For time based plans, it should be set to Expiration Date and Value should be in accordance with what was purchased. For Data based plans, it should be DATA-Total-Bytes and Value should reflect what was purchased.