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How to configure Square as a payment gateway to accept payments on your captive portal

To accept payments through Square on the captive portal, you will need to create an authentication provider as well as hotspot plans that the visitors will be able to purchase.

1. Go to Networks -> Captive Portals -> Your Captive Portal -> Authentication Providers and click Add new. You will need to provide credentials from your Square account.

Method - Paid Access

Transaction Processor - Square

Application ID - Get this value from your Square account

Secret Key - Get this value from your Square account

Location ID - Get this value from your Square account

Format - Display format of the hotspot plans on your splash page

User Group - Guests will inherit attributes assigned to this User Group

Organizational Unit - Guests will be added to all groups assigned to this Organizational Unit

Guest Profile - Guest profile settings

MAC-Based Reauthentication - Guests will be authenticated automatically next time they join the network

2. Scroll down to Hotspot plans, and click Add new and create your plans.