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Spacebring Integration

Instructions on how to configure the Spacebring / IronWiFi Integration

Your coworking software integrates with IronWiFi and allows you to:

- Automate giving and revoking passwordless access to Wi-Fi.
- Grant access only to customers: members, visitors, and guests on different conditions.
- Know who is online, how often, and how long with IronWiFi’s built-in analytics tools.

Connect IronWiFi integration


To enable IronWiFi with Spacebring you need to have your IronWiFi and Spacebring accounts ready. Make sure you connected all your networks and already created all necessary captive portals in the IronWiFi account. Then follow these steps:

- Open your app and go to Settings > IronWiFi > "Connect".
- Enter your IronWifi API Key and press "Save". You will need to generate this API key in the Account settings (IronWiFi console)
- Once your IronWiFi account is connected, you will see the "Captive Portals" section.
- Press "Connect Captive Portal" button > select network from the dropdown > choose a captive portal that was preliminary created in your IronWiFi account > set unconditional or conditional access options:
- Unconditional access grants network access to all users based on access level.
- Conditional access grants network access based on such criteria as "Plan," "Desk Booking," "Room Booking," "Event Pass," "Visit." Switching on any of the criteria for conditional access allows users that meet these conditions to go online.

Disconnect IronWiFi integration


To disconnect a captive portal, go to Settings > IronWiFi > select a captive portal > press "Disconnect Captive Portal".

To disconnect the entire integration, go to Settings > IronWiFi > "Disconnect".

Source: https://help.spacebring.com/en/articles/6854179-automate-access-to-wi-fi-with-ironwifi