Mist Systems

Access Point Instructions for Mist Systems

This page explains the necessary configuration for Mist Systems Access Points and external Captive Portal with RADIUS authentication.

IronWiFi Console Configuration

  1. Log into the IronWiFi console or register for free
  2. Create a new network
  3. After that, create a new captive portal, with vendor Mist Systems

MIST Web GUI configuration

In the Mist Web GUI, create a Guest WLAN to use your captive portal pages. This action requires an administrator account Network Admin privilege or higher.

  1. To start, create a new WLAN by navigating to Network -> WLANs and selecting the Add WLAN button on the upper right.

  2. Under the Security section, select the desired WLAN security mode

  3. Go to the Guest Portal box and select Forward to the external portal. Configure with:
  • Portal URL - get this value from the IronWiFi console
  • Allowed Subnets -

Click Create to create the new WLAN on your site. The API Secret will automatically be created for you.

  1. Return to the WLAN settings page and copy the API Secret.
  2. Go back to the IronWiFi console and paste the API Secret to Controller Password on the Captive Portal settings page.