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Instagram (Social Login)

Setup instructions on how to configure social login with your own instagram app


1. First, go to developers.facebook.com (my apps) and create a new app, choose app type "consumer" and click next.

2. Next, you'll need to add a product to your App, choose Instagram Basic Display 

instagram login

3. On the next screen at the very bottom, click Create New App.

instagram basic display APInew  instagram App ID

4. Fill in the Data Deletion Request URL and Add Instagram Tester (s). You will need to test authentication using the tester's instagram account.

Instagram testers

5. Navigate to Instagram Basic Display -> Basic Display and copy the Instagram App ID and Instagram App Secret, also, make sure to add a Valid OAuth Redirect URIs (the region parameter needs to be replaced) - https://region.ironwifi.com/api/signin/instagram

App dashboard

6. At the bottom of this page, click add to submission, right next to instagram_graph_user_profile and instagram_graph_user_media

App review for instagram

7. In the IronWifi console, go to Networks -> Captive Portals -> Your captive portal and create a new authentication provider (Social Login), choose provider Instagram and paste the App ID and App Secret values from the Basic Display page.