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How to use Clickatell to facilitate OTP login for your guests

IronWiFi and Clickatell Integration:

  1. Create an IronWiFi account the first >>> Open an account
  2. Follow the provided instructions to set up your AP configuration >>> AP configuration instructions
  3. Follow the instructions on how to configure Clickatell and IronWiFi⬇


1. Navigate to your  Clickatell account > https://app.clickatell.com/signin

2. Go to My Workspace > Channels > SMS


3. Click New SMS Setup > API > Messaging Type/One way


4. Select API > One API > Create New One API

 5. Setup One API Details > Name

 6. You can see your API Details


7. Navigate to IronWiFi console 

8. Go to the Networks > Captive Portals > select Captive Portal


9. Scroll down to the Authentication Providers section and click Add new

You will see a popup like below, choose SMS Reg., Clickatell, and provide values from your Clickatell account.

10. You can test your integration when you scroll up