Apple iOS – TLS

Apple iOS – TLS with Client Certificate

To configure an iOS device to connect to an 802.1x secured network and use your client certificate, open web browser and go to your user’s profile in the Management Console. Next click generate certificate and click Continue.


Safari Certificate Signing Request

iOS Install User Certificate

iOS Unsigned Profile

iOS Certificate Password

iOS Profile Installed


Click on the Settings button which is available on your dashboard.

iOS Settings button


Next click to the Wi-Fi section where you will see all visible Wireless networks. Click on your network to pop up new dialog, asking for your user’s credentials. Enter your user’s Username and Password and click on the Join button.

Ipad Select Secure Wireless Network

iOS Wireless EAP-TLS

iOS Select Identity Certificate

If this is the first time, you are connecting this device to this Wireless network, an alert page about provided Certificate will pop-up. You can prevent this page by downloading and installing the certificate to your user’s devices manually. After you examine the certificate, click Accept to continue.

iOS Unknown Authority

If provided credentials are valid and user is allowed to use the Wireless network, the device should now be successfully connected.

Successfully Connected