This page explains configuration of CoovaChilli installed on a OpenWRT compatible device (TP-Link) to work with IronWifi Captive Portal.

This is only an example. IronWifi is not providing support configuring CoovaChilli devices. If you are looking for supported solution, please use access points from one of our supported vendors.

First step is installation of OpenWRT to your wireless access point. List of compatible Hardware is available on this site. For installation instructions, check this installation manual.

After the system has been installed, telnet or ssh to your router and enter:

opkg update
opkg install wpad (optional, depends on your wireless)
opkg install coova-chilli
opkg install kmod-tun
opkg install tcpdump

CoovaChilli configuration file can be downloaded from our console. To download this file, please go to the Console->Networks->CaptivePortals->your captive portal.

Set vendor to CoovaChilli and download Configuration files - defaults file and chilli init file.
Under authentication providers, add anonymous (for testing).

Copy downloaded defaults file to your wireless router to /etc/chilli/defaults and /etc/chilli/config
Copy downloaded chilli init file to /etc/init.d/chilli

chmod +x /etc/init.d/chilli
/etc/init.d/chilli start

At this moment, your OpenWRT router should be displaying our splash page to your new guests.