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Application Released to Chrome WebStore

In our effort to provide our customers convenient ways to control their wireless network everywhere, we release a new extension for Google Chrome, that will allow you to access our Security Console even faster, directly from your web browser and authenticating with your existing Google account.

To install extension to your Chrome web browser, go to chrome webstore and search for IronWifi.

Chrome Extension

After installing the extension, you can access the Shortcuts by clicking on the Apps icon visible after you open new Tab in the right corner.

Chrome Shortcut

List of installed shortcuts will appear. You can now access IronWifi Security Console by clicking on provided icon.

chrome ironwifi shortcut icon

Android Application Released To Google Play Store

I am pleased to announce new release of our IronWifi Security Console available for Android devices. This application provides all the functionality that our native console, including remote control of access to the Wireless network, user based time restrictions, and log report about successful and failed connection attempts.

You can download the application to your phone or tablet from the Google App Store immediately.

IronWifi app on Google Play

Some screenshots:

Mobile screen