Azure AD OAuth

This page provides instructions on how to configure your Azure Active Directory to allow Captive Portal authentication with OAuth.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Go to the Azure Active Directory sub menu
  3. Select the active directory you wish to use for SSO
  4. Click on Application Registrations -> New application registration
  5. Enter the name for new application, type Web app / API, Sign-on URL enter - (update subdomain with selected region or use splash for Global)
  6. Copy Application-ID
  7. In the application settings page, click on Keys, enter description and expiration time. Generated secret key will be displayed, copy the key.
  8. Click on Required permissions and add Microsoft Graph. Under Delegated permissions, enable access to "Sign in and read user profile"

Sign in to IronWifi Console

  1. click on Networks -> Captive Portals
  2. create new Captive Portal
  3. expand the Authentication Providers menu and click Add New
  4. select Social Login - OAuth 2.0, provider Azure
  5. paste copied Application-ID (Client ID) and Secret Key (Client Secret)