Apple iOS – TTLS + PAP

Authenticating Apple and iOS devices via IronWifi – Follow the steps below to configure Apple machines and mobile devices with an external account (Google Apps) for authentication.

1. Generate a Mobile profile



ios ttls+pap 1

Download Apple Configurator from the App Store:


ios ttls+pap 2

Create a new Wifi profile, selecting TTLS or 802.1x encryption


ios ttls+pap 3

Select PAP for Inner Authentication



ios ttls+pap 4

 Export the new profile to the desired location.



2. Install the profile to your mobile device


ios ttls+pap 5
Send the profile via email to the desired device.


ios ttls+pap 6

Retrieve the profile in the intended device. Open the received file using Safari


ios ttls+pap 7

Accept the profile and install the included certificate on intended device


ios ttls+pap 8

Click Install to install the profile



ios ttls+pap 9

3. Authenticate to Wireless network

ios ttls+pap 10Use provided username and password to log into network using device/machine.



ios ttls+pap 11


If synchronized with a Google Apps domain, you can use your Google Apps password



ios ttls+pap 12

Device has now been authenticated and approved for access.