IronWifi allows you to configure and control everything about your IronWifi account. All of the settings that you can manage through the User Interface can also be managed through the API.

Your profile provides IronWifi with the information we need to contact you with alerts and notifications. Each section of your profile can be edited by clicking on the value to the right of each section. Once you have made your changes, click the “OK” button. This will only save the settings for that section. If you decide to abandon your changes, click “Cancel” button.

Full name - This is the first and last name of the representative from your company.

Email address - This is the address where you will be contacted by IronWifi for any account-level alerts and notifications. This must be a valid and active email address that you routinely check.

Phone - Your phone number, where IronWifi can reach the representative that should be contacted.

Password - This is the password used for authentication to the IronWifi Console. Please see our Password requirements page.

Security Question - The question used to confirm your identity in case of lost password.

Time zone - The time zone in which your company operates. This setting will be used by other IronWifi functionality such as Reports and defining time-based restrictions in Attributes. Please make sure that your time zone is set to the same as your business.

CA certificate - Link to download our CA certificate. This certificate is used with EAP encrypted authentication requests.

Changing Your Password

There are two ways to change your password. Through the portal and the Forgot Password page.

Changing your Password through the portal

Old Password - This is the current password on your account. Without this, you will not be able to change your password.

New Password - Enter a new password into this field. Passwords should be secure and not guessable so as to protect your account information from nefarious people and scripts.

Confirm New Password - Enter the same password that you put into "New Password." If the password entered here is not the same as what you put into "New Password," the form will not accept your new password.

Changing your Password via Forgot Password

If for some reason you cannot remember your password, go to the Login page and click Forgot Password. From here, you will need to enter your IronWifi registered e-mail address and answer to your Security Question. We will send you an email with account reactivation steps, so please follow these steps to access your account again.